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We explore why IT companies want to partner with Nomis Connections, and the benefits that being able to offer telecoms services gives them.

Recently, we’ve noticed quite a few of our competitors moving into the IT space. While it is true that the IT and telecoms industries are working much more closely together these days, the industries still are very different – succeeding in one does not automatically guarantee success in the other.

For us, offering pure IT services is not something we’re looking to pursue. Instead, we like to partner with likeminded IT experts who focus on solving problems and giving great service to their customers.

Partnering with Nomis Connections

Are you part of an IT company that doesn’t want to invest the time and money needed to successfully deploy telecoms as a service? If so, are you worried by the move of telecoms companies into your space?

Supplying telecoms is far more complicated than most people think; topics such as number porting and billing can take years to master, as do forging strong supplier relations.

This is why many IT companies partner with Nomis Connections. Such a partnership gives you:

  • A head start on your competitors, using our extensive experience to work with you hand-in-hand
  • A telecoms department of your own, with all the benefits and no hefty investment
  • Protection for your customer base from telecoms companies moving into IT services
  • An ongoing revenue share on all converted business

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of partnering with us, and hear some great success stories, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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