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Business Development Manager Christopher Ollerenshaw and Marketing Manager Matthew Cox look at the world of SIP Trunking – explaining its benefits and future in UK business.

Telecoms can be a confusing place, full of jargon that those not familiar with the industry can find daunting. Part of what Nomis Connections, including Business Development Manager Christopher Ollerenshaw, do is help cut out this industry jargon – giving you the facts you need to know.

So what is SIP, and what are its benefits?

SIP has existed in the UK for a number of years, so you may have heard of it before – but don’t worry if you haven’t. It is simply a way of carrying phone calls in and out of your business, acting as your telephone lines.

The main difference is that your calls are carried over your internet connection. Why should you care? Because this has a number of advantages to your business, including:

  • High flexibility, great reliability – you can route calls in and out of your business as you please. This flexibility also makes SIP very resilient, which is great for Disaster Recovery.
  • Superb mobility – as the service isn’t tied to a specific location, you’re able to take your numbers with you when you move office. Such mobility is greatly appreciated in modern-day business, where things are rarely static.
  • Significant cost savings – SIP has a much lower line rental and call cost compared to more traditional lines; our customers typically save up to 60% on their yearly call spend by switching to SIP.
  • Great scalability – SIP lines (also known as ‘Trunks’) can be turned on and off like a tap, giving you great control of how many calls your business can answer at once. This is particularly convenient when you’re growing, or if you experience seasonal peaks.

How popular is SIP?

In short, very. Marketing Manager Matthew Cox explains that over recent years the UK SIP market has grown to 1.22 million connections, which is around a 45% swap-out rate from ISDN (a legacy method of carrying calls) to SIP.

Looking to the future, SIP connectivity is forecast to grow to over 3 million connections by the start of 2019, as more businesses realise its value.

How could SIP benefit your business?

SIP is most certainly the future of business communications; bringing organisations great flexibility and scalability while reducing overall costs.

If you’d like to find out how SIP could benefit your business specifically, we’re always happy to help with a complementary review of your setup – analysing if moving to SIP is justifiable.

To arrange your free review, please contact Christopher Ollerenshaw on 01252 415 198 or any of the Nomis Connections team on 0844 880 9900.

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