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We look at how you can use call logging to better understand the way your business communicates – giving you the information you need to make informed management decisions.

Data is big business these days, with companies large and small looking for ways to capture, analyse and quantify information so they can improve efficiencies, make informed decisions, and better understand their stakeholders.

When it comes to your telecoms, call logging lets you to do this by understanding how calls in and out of your business are handled. We take a look at why these statistics help you gain a better understanding of how your business communicates, and how call logging can become a valuable tool that helps you manage your business.

How can call logging help me manage my business?

By using call logging, you can analyse the behaviour of calls in and out of your offices and view them as powerful top-level statistics. In turn, your management staff can drill-down into these statistics and make informed decisions on how their departments handle these calls.

Call logging software gives you the ability to:

  • Effortlessly improve call handling to ensure missed calls are kept to an absolute minimum, or eliminated entirely
  • Analyse call patterns to identify peak times or periods, so you can ensure your departments are staffed sufficiently
  • Provide an informed and competitive environment for your staff through the use of rich statistics displayed on wall boards
  • Access these statistics anywhere through your web browser; ideal for single or multiple sites – as well as flexible and remote workers

Call logging also lets you control costs and monitor your system usage, be this on a departmental or company-wide basis.

Powerful reports at your fingertips

Using call logging, can create bespoke reports and schedule them to send automatically. This gives you, and your management team, instant access to the information you need the most – which is great ahead of team meetings and performance reviews.

You can automate top-level graphical reports, as well as more detailed breakdowns – making your reporting time a breeze.

Combining call logging with call recording

It’s also possible to combine your call logging with call recording – giving you an all-in-one tool for information gathering, auditing and reporting. If you’d like to find out more, we demystified call recording in our last blog.

Trying call recording for yourself

There’s no doubt that call recording is a powerful asset when it comes to managing your business – giving you key information, on real data, where and when you need it.

It also gives you the ability to make strategical changes and management decisions based on the information it provides, speeding up the decision making process and showing the results.

If you’d like to try call logging for yourself, please get in touch with your account manager – or contact us – and we’ll set you up with a trial.