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Business broadband service provision and fault resolution could be impacted by an exceptionally busy London. Nomis Connections is working hard with its industry partners to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

The Olympics is fast approaching. During this time London will be exceptionally busy, possibly leading to a localised impact on service provision and fault resolution, and place increased demand on the UK’s voice and data networks.

The full-effect on business broadband connections that this increased demand will have on these networks is not yet known, however the communications industry are confident that usage requirements will be met, without being competed for.

We are working closely with our industry partners to ensure the disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and we hope this information will detail how your business may be affected.

Network maintenance

All UK operators will halt major platform and network work during the period of the Games. While normal provisioning will continue, we expect some constraints in the areas in the immediate vicinity of the Games.

Did you know?

There will be a no-digging policy in-place between 1 March and 30 September in some London areas, before the embargo is extended to the majority of London between 1 July and 9 September. Actions requiring new external cable to be laid cannot take place between these dates.

Line order deadlines

We would recommend that all new line requests in the Central and Greater London area are placed in May to ensure the best chance of success. Orders placed after this date may not be processed until after the events, and may indeed be competing with a backlog.

Voice networks

No impact is expected on our voice networks. We will be liaising closely with our partners in order to manage any exceptional events that may place a strain on the network.

Help maximize your broadband capacity

There is speculation about the impact the Olympics will have on business broadband services. Most of this speculation has been driven by a recent, and significant, increase in the use of streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, during business hours. We, and our partners, are committed to ensuring this streaming does not disrupt key business requirements.

A rise in streaming figures, as staff watch events online, could cause your service to slow. Of course we don’t want you and your staff to miss out as events unfold; therefore you may wish to consider streaming video – or placing a television – in a centralised, shared area to reduce load on your bandwidth.

For more information on how the Olympics may affect service provisioning, please contact us.