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Nomis Connections release a brand new guide exploring the best phone systems for startup businesses.

Starting a business can be an expensive affair. Depending on what your company offers, you’re going to have to invest in technology, phone systems, office furnishings and often much more. Many new businesses begin in the home these days, but company communications need to be kept separate from personal so this often means having an expensive new line put in.

The good news is that as a startup, you have much more choice now than you’ve ever had in the past. Faster internet services have enabled better-quality VoIP, and the cloud has meant that you can access hosted telephony services at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX.

Because of this great choice startup business owners now have, we’ve produced a useful free guide to choosing the best phone system for your new business.

In our guide, we look at:

Hosted VoIP versus onsite systems

Whether you’re working from home with a fragmented workforce, you’re in an office of your own, or if you have several offices, you’ll need a reliable and powerful phone system.

We look at the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a hosted VoIP phone system against an onsite system.

Owned infrastructure?

Choosing to install and manage your own infrastructure does have its advantages and disadvantages – in terms of both practicality and capital outlay. We look at both the pros and cons of this option, and discuss how using the cloud can benefit your startup now more than ever.

The cloud and security

Many businesses also worry about the security of cloud services, but are these worries unfounded?

A report from NTT Group in 2013, which studied three million business networks that had suffered a security attack in the previous year, found that 77% of those businesses didn’t have a disaster recovery plan.

With this in mind, we discuss an important topic to all businesses: Just how secure is the cloud?

Service Level Agreements

A cloud, however, is only as secure as its provider and these do vary in terms of what they offer and the size, location and power of their data centre.

We look at the importance of Service Level Agreements when it comes to choosing a provider for your hosted VoIP system.

Going mobile

We look at the importance of mobility for startup businesses, and how the right phone system can help you achieve this.

Onside VoIP

We discuss how startups can use VoIP lines with an onsite PBX, rather than having them in the cloud. We also discover when this may, or may not suit new businesses.

Hosted VoIP for startups

Bearing all of the above in mind, we look at how a hosted VoIP phone system can be used as the most effective communications tool for budding startups – looking at the features, benefits and cost advantages a hosted system can bring.

You can download our comprehensive guide for free at the top of the page!