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Nomis Connections explores the benefits call logging provides UK businesses, and how it aids business intelligence.

The need for call logging in UK businesses

Modern businesses in the UK need to be intelligent. This statement is as true of small businesses as it is of large ones.

One key area of business intelligence is how staff interact with customers, prospects and other stakeholders – over the phone in particular.

Businesses are always seeking ways to record, quantify and analyse information – so that they may improve efficiencies. Such practices allow managers to make informed strategic decisions for the benefit of staff and customers alike. Maximising the efficiency with which inbound and outbound calls are handled forms part of this search.

Our experience in the UK business telecoms market shows us that every type of business can benefit from call logging – and as a result we offer a service that can be accessed from anywhere using a standard web browser.

This means staff at different offices, and remote locations, can all view the same information on-demand.

The benefits of call logging

Traditionally, call logging has been used as a method of monitoring the performance of sales staff – especially in inbound and outbound call centre scenarios. While this reason still stands, there are many other arguments for its use:

  • To control costs by monitoring the usage of your phone system
  • To ensure maximum return on investment through rich call logs and statistics designed to aid effortless call management
  • To manage and review calls to all departments for training, legal or audit purposes
  • To learn the true value of a missed call, and assess if your business has a sufficient telecoms solution to deal with demand
  • To improve the handling of calls into and out of your business – minimising your number of lost calls
  • To provide an informed and competitive environment in your business
  • To protect your phone system from misuse

It’s often the case that businesses aren’t aware of the issues they have until they use such services to maximise successful elements of their telecoms strategy, and quickly establish and rectify problem areas.

To help businesses with their analysis, and in order to maximise intelligence, we offer free trials of our call logging software – so they can see how it can help their business first-hand. You can request your free trial of our TIM call logging service below.

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