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The Department for Transport has announced that the rail industry will be implementing infrastructure that gives passengers access to high-speed mobile broadband while they travel.

Under plans outlined by Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, rail users should begin to notice improvements to their mobile data speeds during 2015 and aims for 70% of passengers to benefit from the new technology by 2019.

How will mobile broadband get faster on the rails?

Improved broadband speeds will derive from improving the strength of mobile signals across the rail network – eliminating areas of poor and inconsistent signals. The report states that this will be achieved by “a combination of an upgrade of Network Rail’s existing infrastructure and the installation of equipment that alleviates the barriers to good signal on board a train”.

From these improvements, 3G and 4G signals will become more readily available to commuters while using the rail network – allowing them to use these services all the time they travel, rather than intermittently as the signal drops.

Rail users will benefit from improved mobile signals, allowing them to use their mobile internet services more consistently while they travel. The same signal improvements will also allow commuters to make and receive calls without fear of being cut off every few minutes.

Matthew Cox – Marketing Manager, Nomis Connections

Bringing rail into the 21st Century

This announcement comes amid a series of government plans designed to bring the rail network into the 21st Century. It also fits well with the government’s current fixed broadband target.

Network Rail and the industry is now set to create a business case to outline how to fund the improvements.

Read the full statement.

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