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Ofcom has approved the use of new satellite technology to provide faster internet speeds to passengers on boats, trains and planes.

Telecoms industry regulator Ofcom have approved plans to use new satellite broadband technology to provide passengers on forms of transportation such as boats, trains and planes with an internet connection that’s up to 10 times faster than they can currently expect.

The technology uses ‘Earth stations’ do provide connectivity: Devices are mounted to modes of transport and connect to geostationary satellites, in-turn allowing users to receive a fast internet connection even in the most remote locations.

These plans couple with the Government target to get 95% of UK homes and businesses connected to superfast broadband by 2017, alongside the recently announced £10m broadband fund to tackle ultra-rural Britain.

Ofcom is expecting to be in a position to accept applications for ship-mounted Earth stations by February 2014, and is working with the Civil Aviation Authority for licensing of aircraft mounts. Ofcom predicts the first commercial deployments of such technology to begin this year.

Read the Ofcom statement (external link).

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