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Nomis Connections release an updated moving premises download, guiding businesses in how to manage the IT and telecoms aspects of their office move.

Almost all companies use moving office as a time to evaluate many aspects of the business, assessing if current systems and processes are fit for purpose, and up to the task of carrying their business forward – through their office move and beyond.

Nomis Connections understand that moving office is a busy time for businesses, and appreciate that IT and telecoms are two important areas of review.

From a communications perspective, businesses have to take key considerations into account, such as:

  • Do we need to keep our current numbers?
  • How long does it take to install lines and broadband at our new office?
  • How can we keep communicating with customers, even on our moving day?
  • Is our current telecoms and IT setup capable of carrying the business forward?

To help businesses understand these considerations, and more, we’ve released a new-look Moving Premises Guide. The guide helps you plan your move effectively, making sure that your customers, partners and colleagues all receive the best possible service continuity.

Our guide is available to download for free below, or by visiting our moving office page, where you’ll find more information on the communications aspects of office moves.

Need to speak with us about your office move?

Alongside this guide, we’re also offering free, no-obligation consultations to aid businesses in evaluating, organising and managing the telecoms aspects of their office move.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation, please call us on 0844 880 9900 or fill our our contact form.