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We are regularly getting asked the below questions by our customers to we thought a help sheet would be useful.


We have ISDN but keep hearing ISDN will be ceased in 2025, should we be concerned?

You shouldn’t be concerned but you do need to factor in your ISDN lines will effectively be turned off in 2025, that still leaves you plenty of time to plan accordingly.

What should we be looking at as a replacement?

There are two main options we have already helped customers with:

  • Moving from ISDN to SIP Trunks.  At a very high level, we remove your physical legacy BT lines, and place voice calls across your internet connection, all whilst retaining your existing business phone number, and enhancing your DR options.  Please follow the below link to learn more about the benefits:  Nomis ISDN to SIP Brochures
  • Remove your ISDN and on-site telephone system and move to a hosted solution.  This works on the same ‘cloud-based’ concept as many of your other business applications, such as hosted email (Microsoft 365) and CRM systems (Salesforce etc).  Typically, a hosted solution is provided on a fixed price per user per month basis.

Nomis Connections want to ensure any decision you make is the right one, so please feel free to contact your Account Manager to discuss our latest “migration offers” or me directly if you have any queries. Jim Marshall, 01252 912 746 or