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Nomis Connections has teamed up with wire networking providers Phybridge to allow businesses with traditional telephone wiring to implement Voice over IP (VoIP).

Nomis Connections has joined forces with Phybridge, a Canadian based company who provide technologies designed to deliver Ethernet and PoE (Power over Ethernet) over traditional telephony cabling. This technology allows businesses who have existing traditional cabling to implement IP telephony, without having to re-cable their office.

About Phybridge

Phybridge is a technology company based in Canada that focuses on innovations in IP telephony, converged networks and Unified Communications (UC). Phybridge is well-recognised throughout the industry, with over 150,000 users globally.

Phybridge’s PoLRE switch family provides users with the functionality to deliver Ethernet and PoE over their traditional telephony cabling.

Who does this benefit?

Phybridge’s solution allows businesses to implement a Nomis IP telephony solution into their office without having to re-cable. This can benefit organisations who cannot invest in such re-cabling due to financial constraints, or indeed time constraints.

An example of such a case would be in a hospital – many of which use traditional cabling. The cost of closing a hospital wing for re-cabling will almost always outweigh the benefits – but now this is not necessary. The use of a PoLRE system will allow such hospitals to benefit from an IP phone system using their existing cabling – reducing the cost-benefit and ensuring a fast return on investment.

Nomis Connections' relationship with Phybridge is a great asset. Using the PoLRE family we can deliver a simple, cost-effective VoIP solution to businesses who cannot afford to invest in re-cabling their offices - be that due to financial, or time constraints.

Mike McFadyen – Sales Manager, Nomis Connections

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