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Nomis Connections expands its telecoms offering by adding both cloud-based and room-based video conferencing solutions to its portfolio.

Important developments in the video conferencing market

The use of video conferencing is set to rapidly increase over the next 24 months, with 47% of SMEs deploying a solution in this time. Businesses are choosing to do so now for numerous reasons: Among them, a positive economic outlook has encouraged spending for many businesses, such as those seeking to invest in cost-saving technologies.

The second is cost-saving itself – travel costs both nationally and internationally are ever-increasing, and organisations are starting to weigh up the cost of this travel against the cost of implementing technology that allows staff to have meetings across distance at a fraction of the cost.

Possibly the most significant reason for the increase in popularity of video conferencing, especially among SMEs, is the removal of the main barrier to implementing the technology – the cost of the solution. Until recently, the high setup costs associated with video conferencing has meant the technology was reserved for large corporate entities with the capital to invest in such a solution.

Now, however, technological developments have greatly reduced the cost of implementation – opening video conferencing to the SME market.

As a result, Nomis Connections have added two important growth-areas to their portfolio: room-based video conferencing and cloud-based video conferencing.

Nomis Connections prides itself on its ability to offer cutting-edge products and solutions to both new and existing customers. Adding video conferencing to our offering is an exciting time, especially as its popularity and implementation in the marketplace is set to soar.

Simon Lincoln – Director, Nomis Connections

Cloud-based video conferencing

Video conferencing services are now available in the cloud, with all the flexibility you’d expect from a hosted solution.

Conference participants log into an online portal to manage and partake in conferences on their computers, or download the free app for use on their smartphone and tablet. The portal can be accessed from anywhere and uses the audio and visual hardware inbuilt in your devices, reducing hardware costs.

The platform is also compatible with room-based systems, allowing users to utilise existing video technology should they have it, or indeed use cloud services to enhance their new group-conferencing experience.

Nomis’ cloud-based video conferencing solution is available from just £29 a month – massively reducing the cost of implementation for businesses of all sizes.

Room-based video conferencing

For group meetings with staff in other offices, clients and project teams across the globe, room-based video conferencing is an immersive video experience that offers significant savings when compared with the cost of a business trip for your team.

At Nomis Connections, we’re able to provide room-based video conferencing units from some of the leading manufacturers in the market. We can provide room-based solutions for small meeting rooms, up to boardrooms and lecture halls, at a very competitive price.

Your business interests are important to us, which is why we can help demonstrate the return on investment such a solution would present – providing a tangible return for your financial managers.

Or call our team on 0844 880 9900 to discuss video conferencing in your business

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