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iOS 9.3 comes with a new feature called ‘Night Shift’, giving users the ability to reduce the amount of blue light their device emits after dark.

Your iPhone and iPad could help you sleep a little easier, with Apple’s latest version of iOS – 9.3 – bringing you a feature called ‘Night Shift’.

Studies have suggested that that an excessive amount of blue light can have a negative impact on our sleep patterns – which is a problem when so many of us will check our phones, or read from our tablets right before going to sleep.

Night Shift moves the light emitted from the screen to the warmer end of the colour spectrum, cutting down on blue light and helping us get a better night’s rest.

The new feature can be quickly turned on and off through your ‘Control Center’ by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, and can also be scheduled by going to ‘Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift’.

There, you can also adjust settings to turn Night Shift on between certain hours, or automatically set it to warm your colours between sunset and sunrise (which it does using the phone’s clock and geolocation).

This is the first official colour adjustment feature for iOS devices, but not first of its kind. ‘f.lux‘ is a popular third party app that you can use for both Windows and Mac devices – which do not have a colour adjustment feature natively.

You can read more about Night Shift, as well as the other updates iOS 9.3 brings, by visiting Apple’s website.

iOS 9.3 is available to download now. Visit ‘Settings > General > Software Update’ to check if you’re up-to-date.