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So far Nomis Connections has given you tips on how to use My Inbound call management plans to ensure you never miss a call. What about prioritising customer and new business calls over cold calls?

Build an inbound call plan that ensures customer service and sales calls are answered over nuisance calls

Sometimes businesses may want to ensure that calls from selected people or companies are prioritised. It may be a customer who is particularly demanding or valuable to the business. Or, it may be a nuisance caller.

Meet John:

  • He’s a sales and marketing manager for an IT firm
  • Every day he spends a lot of his time answering cold calls from suppliers which he finds hard to get rid of
  • At the same time, he is also missing calls from an important customer

Using area based control on Inbound Services, John could ensure that calls from the customer take priority and calls from known cold callers are routed through to an announcement asking them to send an email to the marketing email account.

  • Calls from the important customer – these could be made from their mobile, office or company number – always go to John’s phone
  • Business as usual calls are answered in the office as normal
  • Known cold callers are played an announcement asking them to send an email to the generic marketing account

Bonus Tip! Don’t forget you can add the voicemail to email feature to your Inbound Services to ensure customers can leave messages and you will get an email notification to prompt you to listen to the message.

Look out for the final Top Tip tomorrow: How to create and use a hunt group.