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Part 2 of the Top Tip week shows how businesses can use My Inbound to manage their inbound calls, even when staff are busy or during out of hours.

Inbound calls getting missed at busy times, out of hours and in a disaster situation.

When calls are missed, abandoned or put through to voicemail, a business can be losing both money and customer loyalty.

The following scenario shows how My Inbound can be used to capture every call…

Meet Sam:

  • Sam owns and runs a marketing agency, employing 15 office based staff in Fleet
  • The company publishes one local geographic number: 01252 770945
  • Calls are normally answered by Sam’s PA, Sue, in the office
  • A voicemail service currently captures messages from callers out of hours but, if Sue is not around, the voicemail service is often left un-checked and customers don’t always have their calls returned

If Sam configured Inbound services in the following way, he could ensure calls are answered under all circumstances, even if the office burned down!

Inbound calls during normal office hours

  • During the week, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, calls are routed through to the main office number
  • If the lines is busy, calls are routed through to an alternative office phone
  • If no-one is available to take the call it is routed through to a staff member’s mobile
  • Should there be a disaster and the lines are cut, calls are routed through to a voicemail service and designated people are notified via email

Inbound calls out of hours

  • At weekends, and weekdays (before 9am/after 5pm), calls are routed to a mobile, so no calls should ever be missed or abandoned

Inbound calls and business continuity

  • If there is a fault on the telephone circuits or they have been damaged in some way, incoming calls can still be answered either by voicemail services or someone’s mobile

Bonus Tip! Don’t forget you can add the Call Whisper feature so that when business calls are routed to your mobile you can answer in the appropriate manner.

Look out for Top Tip #3 tomorrow: How to manage incoming calls during seasonal peaks.