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Nomis Connections releases the first of 5 tips designed to help customers get the best out of their My Inbound call management service.

A telecoms business continuity plan is needed during the Olympics

The increased numbers of people in London during the Olympics and the demands placed on the capital’s transport system could make getting to your office or meeting your clients a nightmare!

Meet Charlie:

  • He works for a firm of lawyers in the city and has been tasked with ensuring that business as usual is maintained during the Olympics
  • The office is situated just off Trafalgar Square, one of the event sites
  • Several lawyers commute into the city from the Home Counties
  • Using Inbound services Charlie can set up call plans for the main office number or for individual employee DDI numbers
  • For Business as usual, calls are sent to the office unless they are busy
  • If there is a fault with their telecoms circuit or employees can’t get into the office, Charlie can activate the Business Continuity plan from his iPhone, using the Inbound app. This can be for individual numbers or just the main office number.

Bonus Tip! Don’t forget when you add the Inbound app you can also benefit from the Advanced Statistics and Voicemail to Email features.


Look out for Top Tip #2 tomorrow: How to manage incoming calls at busy times or out of hours.