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Research firm IDC announces that 2013 saw smartphone shipments exceed one billion units for the first time.

Smartphone shipments increased 38.4% in 2013 according to researcher IDC, reaching a total of 1.004 billion units, as the popularity of these devices peaks.

Sales of smartphones accounted for more than half of the total number of mobile phones sold last year – totaling 1.8 billion.

Within the market, Samsung and Apple continue to dominate – with 47% of smartphone sales shared between the two companies. Huawei claimed third place in overall sales, followed by LG in fourth and Lenovo in fifth. The remainder of market sales are attributed to ‘other’ manufacturers, such as HTC and Nokia.

Go smart or go home?

The growth of smartphone sales is a combination of technological advancement and both personal and professional preferences. Individuals and businesses across the globe recognise that the social element of smartphones is key: Devices allow users to be more connected and remain in contact wherever they go.

This mobility particularly suits business needs; combining freedom of movement with uninterrupted communication.

Affordability is another aspect of the growth of smartphones. Lower manufacturing and retail costs make devices more affordable for buyers. From a business perspective, lower-cost smartphones allow businesses of any size to improve their communications through a Unified Communication (UC) solution.

Such a solution allows both mobility and freedom of communication across a business, ensuring staff are always in contact and important calls are never missed.

The growth of smartphone sales is likely to continue into 2014, and their use in business will grow with this. Built-in functions that these devices have lend themselves to a business environment – while a wide array of business-grade apps allow UC solutions to be implemented with little effort from staff.

The use of smartphones has become a key part of our lives both privately and professionally - and this is set to remain the case.

Matthew Cox – Marketing Manager, Nomis Connections

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Read the statement by IDC (external link).

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