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Following the reduction of mobile roaming rates across the EU, Nomis Connections explores common mistakes business mobile users should avoid when using their business mobiles abroad, in order to avert bill shock.

Now that summertime is here, and the school holidays are on the horizon, many of us are gearing up to go abroad – some for business, others for pleasure.

Throughout these times, a lot of us will be taking our mobile phones with us – and the cost of using mobiles abroad (and the bill shock it can bring) has been publicised widely in the UK media of late.

The 1st July saw new maximum pricing caps for roaming in the EU – but to date no similar rules exist outside the EU. With this in mind, we’ve produced a short guide to common mistakes business make when it comes to roaming abroad, and how these can be avoided.

1. Not telling your service provider

As a business mobile user, it’s always good to let your service provider know that you’re going away. This way, they can inform you of any special roaming bundles (especially for data roaming) that can be applied to your account. Having such services bolted-on will ensure that your roaming charges are kept the lowest they can be – minimising the risk of bill shock.

Often, there are other services – such as accessing voicemail from abroad – that require some setting up while you’re still in the UK. It’s best to check these things with your supplier too.

2. Not having a competitive roaming rate

A competitive roaming rate is key to giving your staff the freedom they need while using their mobile, while allowing financial managers to control costs.

Many business mobile services, like Nomis Mobile, provide users with free inbound roaming while they’re in Europe – alongside competitive roaming rates for when they need to make calls, send messages and use data. Our business roaming services are not limited to Europe alone; we can also offer competitive rates for countries across the globe.

3. Not taking advantage of apps

If your staff spend a lot of time traveling, both at home and abroad, using a mobile app is a great way of keeping in touch with colleagues, clients and prospects.

Nomis Connections can provide you with a smartphone app that allows you to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi from anywhere, as if you were in the office using your desk phone. The app makes your mobile an extension of your phone system, so callers can reach you on your direct line wherever.

Need a more interactive experience? Our hosted video conferencing service allows you to participate in immersive video conferences using a similar smartphone app.

4. Streaming over 3G or 4G

Streaming audio and video uses the most data out of all your mobile functions. If you stream excessively over your data connection, or indeed forget to cancel a stream when you’re finished with it, you can run up a large charge – especially if you’re doing so whilst roaming.

The solution? Try streaming over Wi-Fi where possible, and download as much to your device as possible while on Wi-Fi. If you are forced to stream, keep a careful watch on your data usage – and know your roaming charges.

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