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Why your company should choose Nomis


We help solve company’s business issues, enabling them to become more productive and profitable. We understand what those issues are and then supply the best products from the leading vendors in the market. All of this is backed up by great support.

We are an independent provider of telecoms services and solutions to businesses across the UK. We provide our customers with a single point of contact and one bill for all their telecoms needs.


Understanding the issues your business face

Here are just some of the most common issues we hear about:

• Companies are frustrated with dealing with Suppliers who don’t add any value to their business.
• Your business strives to achieve a more resilient infrastructure for Disaster Recovery.
• Most companies are under pressure to provide a more flexible work environment, including working from home.
• Customers are tired of multiple Suppliers, feeling they are being pulled from pillar to post.
• The regulatory pressure from the likes of PCI, MiFIDII and GDPR can be daunting.
• Companies are unhappy with living with problems which aren’t their area of expertise and need help tackling it.


So, what can Nomis offer and how are we different?

• We offer the best products from the leading vendors in the market, allowing us to tailor every solution accordingly.
• Nomis Connections continues to grow because we are very different from what you will find in the market.
• We are a true one stop shop that provides real integrated solutions.
• We are vendor agnostic allowing us to provide the best fit products to solve your particular problem.
• No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster, it’s our speciality.
• Our clients don’t leave us and the few that do usually come back.

Rather than take our word for it, why not become a customer and see for yourself. Please contact us at and one of our Consultants will make contact within 2 hours to see if we can help solve some of your problems, or share valuable market insights.



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