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Big internet without the big price tag: faster and more reliable internet with a £3k voucher

Now is the time to upgrade to a faster internet connection as you could qualify for up to £3,000 off your installation charges with the help of the Government’s Connection Vouchers Scheme.

Download our Quick Guide to Connection Vouchers

We’ve produced a handy guide that explains all the important parts of the Connection Vouchers Scheme – including who is eligible, and how you can apply. You can download it below…

With a choice of speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps we can help you:

Save time – Achieve so much more in much less time. With faster internet you can transer large files in a matter of minutes and engage with your customers in a more positive way.

Utilise the Cloud – With applications becoming increasingly bandwidth-hungry, you can use the Cloud to provide fast and seamless delivery of files and applications.

Save money – Cut the costs of travelling and make use of video conferencing through your improved connection.

Improve your customer service – Improve your internet connection to provide a better service to your customers across more channels – such as email, video, social, web chat.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport launched the Connection Voucher Scheme as part of the Government’s drive to improve the adoption of Superfast Connectivity across the UK. This scheme offers vouchers of up to £3,000 against installation charges to qualifying businesses in 52 SuperConnected cities.

Let us do the hard work for you

As a registered supplier for the scheme, we can manage the whole process for you – from eligibility checking through to final delivery.

We’re able to compare and supply connections from multiple suppliers, meaning we can provide the most suitable option, tailored for your business needs.

You can find out more about Connection Vouchers and check your eligibility by downloading our Quick Guide to Connection Vouchers at the top of the page, or calling us on 0808 281 1515.