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Nomis Connections looks at the part technology will play in flexible working after new a UK law was passed to encourage such practice.

In the modern age, the line between business and pleasure has become blurred. Modern life can create conflict between our work and domestic arrangements, family and other commitments.

To ensure staff are happy within a company, many employers are already offering flexible working arrangements – allowing staff to fit their employment around other commitments. This has now been extended to all…

From 1st July 2014 a new piece of legislation came into force allowing flexible working for all UK employees – so long as a reason can be justified.

This development is an important step forward in terms of employee well-being – but has the potential to create headaches for employers.

Thankfully, modern telecoms technology is one aspect that will not be causing any issues; supporting flexible working is something providers like Nomis Connections have been doing for years.

Current statistics show that flexible working isn’t a new concept for many UK businesses – with 92% of employers already allowing staff to work at home on an occasional or permanent basis – though the concept will be new for some, and others will seek to better their flexible working policies.

Further information on the new flexible working regulation can be found at on the GOV.UK website (external link).

Guide: Key Telecoms Considerations for Flexible Working

Download our short guide to key points to review when addressing flexible working – and how telecoms technology can help your staff be flexible and efficient.

How can telecoms technology support flexible working?

As a supporter of using technology to advance and adapt business in the modern age, Nomis Connections have a number of solutions that are able to aid flexible working for UK businesses.

Such technologies give staff the flexibility they require, while ensuring businesses never miss a call.

Hosted VoIP systems

Businesses can deploy a hosted VoIP service that allows staff to take their phones with them wherever they go – ideal if a home working solution is required.

In-house phone systems

In-house phone systems can incorporate users across multiple locations – combining multiple offices and home workers in a single network.

Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications solutions can keep staff in contact at all times – many of which are quick to implement.

Examples of UC tools include:

  • A Voicemail to Email service that allows staff to pick up and respond to messages on the go
  • PC and smartphone clients offer communication from anywhere, allowing staff to make calls as if they were sitting at their desk
  • A one-number function rings users on their desk and mobile phones at the same time – ensuring that they never miss a call, and the caller only needs one number to contact them on