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We take a look at the new Call Centre add-on available for your Horizon hosted VoIP phone system; seeing how it can improve productivity and efficiency in departments that handle inbound calls.

When you mention the term ‘call centre’, most people’s minds will jump to a large office space filled with hundreds of agents taking calls. In reality, businesses of all sizes have call centre-style departments that handle a high volume of calls – be they support, inbound sales or even accounts related.

When you manage departments such as these, it’s important to give your callers the best experience, make your staff as productive as possible, and have access to the right tools to monitor your team.

The release of the Horizon Call Centre service gives you the ability to do just this. Ideal for any business that receives inbound calls, and available as a simple add-on to your Horizon phone system, Call Centre lets easily manage your inbound call environments.

How would Horizon Call Centre suit me?

  • Do you struggle to manage caller expectations while they’re waiting for their call to be answered?
  • Do you want to make sure calls are answered as quick as possible, by the most appropriate person?
  • Do you struggle to track your team’s KPIs, identify trends and make marked improvements?
  • Are you always thinking about how you can best manage caller experience and deal with enquiries as efficiently as possible?


If any of the considerations above are familiar to you, you’re not alone – they’re the same for anyone who takes customer service seriously.

Horizon Call Centre is a fantastic tool for business that are serious about providing the best possible service to their callers. It's easy to use, easy to manage and an excellent addition to Horizon.

Horizon Call Centre can help with a great set of features including:

Call queuing

Keep callers on the phone by queuing their call while an agent becomes available. You can keep them informed by updating them as they move closer to the front of the queue, and engaged by playing them on-hold messaging.

Intelligent call distribution

Effortlessly direct calls to your team based on an agent’s idle time or skill rating – or ring numerous agents at once. This ensures calls are answered by the right person first time, every time.

Call logging and reporting

Aid management decisions and improve productivity by gaining valuable insight into how calls are handled. Look at top-level trends, or drill down into specifics. Display these statistics on customisable wall boards to keep your team in the know.

Supervisor monitoring and call management

Agents can quickly escalate calls to supervisors for those times when a more senior member of staff is needed, while managers can make instant changes on the fly.

Flexible working

Because Horizon is hosted, agents can be based anywhere – which is perfect for businesses with multiple sites or home workers. Users can also take calls for multiple departments from one device, giving an end-to-end service.

Want to know more?

If you’re keen to find out how our Call Centre add-on could help you specifically, we’d be happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or get in touch with your Account Manager.