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We teamed up with Daisy, one of the UK’s leading network security specialists, for an exclusive webinar on the state of data security in the UK and how you can keep your data protected.

Data security is an important topic to today’s businesses, and with frequent reports of hacks and breaches (think Sony, TalkTalk and most recently Yahoo) its importance is only increasing.

While the names of larger companies are the ones that attract the most media attention, businesses of all sizes are susceptible to cyber security breaches.

These events can lead to direct financial losses, fines and a loss of reputation that can cause damage far beyond a financial figure.

Realising the importance of strong network security, our webinar looks at how you can keep your business safe.

What do we cover?

  • The current state of data security in the UK and types of breaches your business could face, with examples of recent events
  • An overview of PCI DSS and how it’s not optional
  • How modern technology can help keep your payment data safe and protect you from criminals stealing your customers’ payment details
  • The future trends of data security & protection

Our panel

  • Jim Marshall-Andrew – Sales & Marketing Director at Nomis Connections
  • Nick Harvey – Cyber Security Product Manager at Daisy Group
  • Alan Stephenson-Brown – Director at Phoenix Managed Networks

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