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August 2017 has seen the government’s Connect Westminster Scheme launch – giving grants to qualifying businesses across the Westminster area to help improve their internet speeds and reliability.


Nomis are working in partnership with Westminster City Council in leading the way to enable local businesses to access better and faster broadband.

Westminster businesses who want faster, more reliable broadband can get a grant of up to £2,000 to upgrade to an Ultrafast connection.

Upgrading to faster broadband helps businesses grow and access new markets, increase productivity and helps future-proof for the digital challenges of tomorrow.

By working in partnership with Westminster City Council and the European Regional Development Fund,  Nomis hope to make Westminster the best place in the UK to start and grow a business.

What are the benefits to your business?

Faster, better, broadband is essential for businesses wanting to boost their bottom line.

With faster, better broadband, you can:

  • Grow and access new markets through better communication with customers and suppliers
  • Increase security through fast, secure back-up of data
  • Increase your productivity, whilst attracting and retaining the best staff
  • Improve customer service by sending or uploading large files quickly and reliably
  • Increase your bottom line by improving your customer satisfaction ratings

Futureproof your business to equip you with the digital challenges of tomorrow.

How can Nomis Connections help?

As a registered supplier on the scheme, Nomis Connections can project manage the provision of your new, faster internet – from helping you submit your application to the installation, management and maintenance of your connection.

How to see if your Company is eligible

Your business must meet the following requirements to take part in the scheme:

  • Your business employ fewer than 250 persons
  • The annual turnover is below €50m
  • The business balance sheet is below €43m
  • Your company is not a subsidiary and/or under the control of a larger SME entity (25 threshold)

Full terms & conditions are available upon request.  This offer runs until 31st March 2019, or until the £2.5m has been issued.

Apply today for your grant of up £2.,000

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