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We look at how you can use Horizon call analytics to unlock a wealth of information about your business on your Horizon phone system, and how to use this data to be more efficient and profitable.

Call logging and analytics gives you access to truly valuable information about your business that you’ve never had access to before, and none more so than Horizon call analytics.

The platform from Akixi – which we introduced you to in our Horizon product update & roadmap webinar – tracks, records and analyses calls into and out of your Horizon hosted VoIP system, allowing you to view key statistics on how your team are performing historically and in real-time.

To give you a true feeling of what Akixi can do, we teamed up with Mike Rogerson – their UK Sales Manager – to look at how you can use call analytics to uncover information, discover trends and make informed decisions.

Five reports you should be using to help manage your calls

As well as an overview of how call analytics can help, we’ll take you through a demo of our top five reports and dashboards that you should be using to manage your calls and give the best customer service possible.


  • Explore how to uncover information, discover trends and make informed decisions using call analytics
  • Look at the different business environments call analytics address
  • Akixi live demo: Five powerful reports that’ll change the way you manage calls
  • How Akixi and Horizon work hand-in-hand
  • Hits, tips and best practice

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