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Apple and Samsung look to be trying to shake up the mobile marketplace once again, reportedly entering into talks to introduce electronic SIM cards.

According to an article in The Financial Times, technology giants Apple and Samsung are in talks with the rest of the telecoms industry to launch new electronic SIM cards – replacing the traditional chips we currently all have in our mobile phones.

The article also reports that the GSMA – the industry association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide – is close to announcing an agreement to produce standardised electronic SIMs for consumer devices, which would include having them embedded in smartphones.

Easy switching

Current SIM cards lock the user to the network, meaning the only way to switch is to swap SIMs. Electronic SIMs would bring the ability to switch mobile providers almost instantly – whether you are switching your mobile contract, or travelling abroad.

Still some work to do

Although such an announcement is reported to be nearing, any such changes to the make-up of the mobile industry are still dependent on the network providers, equipment manufacturers and industry bodies agreeing the technical specifications that are to be used globally, suggesting that it could be at least a year before any consumer or business mobile users will see devices supporting this new technology on the market.

Although the technology is not quite ready, this announcement shows encouraging signs that mobile technology continues to improve. As more and more of us are using smartphones each day, and for more activities – the introduction of Apply Pay in the UK this week, for example – the mobile industry is massive, and seems to only be getting bigger.