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The Aastra 400 Series has won the coveted Editor’s Choice award from Business Info Magazine for its innovative unified communications abilities, creating synergy between users’ voice and data networks.

This superb business phone system has been recognised for its ability to connect up to 600 users across 40 sites, while a unique private SIP Network increases this to over 4,000 users across 100 sites – offering true scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Also recognised is the 400 Series’ ‘one number’ philosophy and flexible coverage, allowing users to be reached by a single number across all their communications devices – including desk, cordless and mobile phones – while directing unanswered calls to a single voicemail box that can be accessed from any location.

The 400 Series business phone system is also compatible with Aastra Mobile Client (AMC), a free smartphone app from which users can control their office phone through their mobile. Users can make and receive calls, manage conferences and stay in touch on the go. AMC operates both over Wi-Fi networks and the mobile network, transferring seamlessly between the two.

“Aastra believes that the future of business telephony lies in providing a completely integrated call control manager with all specific features built-in including UC (unified communications), collaboration and multimedia.” Business Info Magazine

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