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With our Introduction to Video Conferencing event just around the corner, we look at five scenarios where video conferencing rocks at getting your message across.

You may have heard about Albert Mehrabian’s ‘7%-38%-55% Rule’, which looks at the impact of words, tone of voice and body language when speaking.

While some of his findings have been misrepresented (if words only account for 7% of communication, why can’t you understand most of what people are trying to say from facial expressions alone?) there is no doubt that all three elements are key to putting your message across.

I’m sure we’ve all been in a position where we’re not sure if someone we’re on the phone to is pulling our leg or being serious. Does that happen as much when you’re sitting in front of people? Probably not.

So what if you can’t get to the people you need to speak to easily? Well, that’s where video conferencing comes in. Here are five ways it rocks at getting your message across (and helps you spot the sarcasm on your colleague’s face when he pulls out a classic ‘dad joke’)…

1. Video rocks at connecting people

Do you have offices across the country, or indeed across the globe? If so, video conferencing is perfect for you.

With as little effort as sending them a calendar invite, you can be in the same room as them, sharing your thoughts and ideas on your latest project or working on getting that important presentation air-tight and looking great.

Who cares if they’re in London, Manchester or even New York? You can do it all from the comfort of your own desk, or meeting room if you need some of your team to sit in too.

What’s even better is that you can keep in touch with your clients in exactly the same way. This is great when you’re trying to communicate ideas and maintain a relationship.

2. Video rocks at flexible working

Flexible working is a big buzz word, not just in the UK but across the world. With work-life balance being increasingly blurred, we think this a great thing.

It’s also a scenario that video conferencing is built for. With it, there’s no need to worry about your team feeling left out – they’ll all be part of your meetings, able to share updates and ideas and mix with other members of the team from their home office. How do we know this? We do it ourselves!

3. Video rocks at cutting costs

Business travel can be hectic, expensive (in terms of both travel costs and loss of productivity) and exhausting for your team. Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit on the M25 all day.

Video comes to the rescue here too. Rather than spending your time travelling, you can set up a conference with your colleagues and customers and host it wherever you are.

4. Video rocks at going green

Video can also help you reduce your carbon footprint, so while you’re saving all that time and effort travelling, you’re also being kind to the planet!

5. Video rocks at collaboration

This is the best thing about video conferencing. It gives you every element of the 7%-38%-55% Rule, making your experience completely immersive and allowing your team to collaborate as if they were sitting around the same table.

As well as everyone hearing each other, you can all see each other, work on documents together, build relationships and ultimately get your message across in a way you simply can’t over the phone.

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