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Nomis Connections explores 5 ways in which Video Conferencing can benefit UK businesses.

1. Connecting co-workers and stakeholders

Your business may have multiple offices and customers spread throughout the UK and rest of world, or indeed be one of the 92% of UK businesses that allow staff to work from home on an occasional or permanent basis.

Video conferencing aids you in connecting staff and stakeholders across these locations, allowing them to interact instantly, face-to-face, in an individual or group scenario.

Such technologies allow you to stay connected with staff members and customers, without having to travel to them. Once on the video conference, participants can share thoughts and ideas, in real time, from the comfort of their meeting room, office or home.

The technology also allows your staff to be more dispersed geographically, so you can keep hold of your talent pool while allowing them the flexibility of living in a location that suits their personal circumstances.

2. Maintaining and enhancing relationships

Did you know? Sight accounts for around 83% of nonverbal communication.

Sight is an important part of building and maintaining relationships. People will measure responses through the facial expressions and body language of those they’re talking to, as well as what is said.

Video conferencing allows these reactions to be judged, helping to make meetings more personal – and participants more familiar with each other. This can lead to increased interaction by all parties.

Many conferences can also be recorded, meaning new members of a project can be brought up-to-speed quickly through a pre-built library of information.

3. Improving work-life balance

By using video conferencing to meet with prospects, clients and colleagues your staff will not be exhausted through hours of travel (nationally or internationally) for face-to-face meetings.

This will improve their work-life balance – enabling them to focus on their work, while ensuring they have enough personal time to prevent them from tiring during the week.

It’s not to say that video conferencing should replace every face-to-face meeting, as these still have a place in the business environment, but staff regularly traveling to meet the same people, or working on multiple projects across the UK or abroad would benefit from the technology highly.

4. Cost savings

Video conferencing offers many business a notable return on investment by reducing up-front, and ongoing costs:

Unlike past trends, the cost of implementing video conferencing in the UK has reduced significantly. Both room-based and hosted solutions exist to suit the differing needs of businesses, making the technology highly accessible and affordable for UK SMEs, as well as larger corporates.

To illustrate this point, Nomis Video Conferencing solutions are available from £29 a month.

Alongside a reduced cost of implementation, video conferencing reduces the ongoing cost of travel – in relation to both forms of travel (plane and train tickets, fuel, etc.) and the time it takes staff to reach their destination.

In addition, there are UK organisations that focus on reducing the carbon footprint of businesses. Such organisations can offer funding to businesses wishing to achieve this.

5. Combine with existing hardware

Video conferences can often be conducted through existing hardware. Hosted video conferencing (or VaaS) platforms use the built-in webcams, speakers and microphones on computers, tablets and smartphones to send and receive audio and visual information to other participants.

Using built-in software keeps the cost of implementing video conferencing low, and gives conference participants the flexibility of joining the conference wherever they are, through a range of devices.

If, however, you need to conduct high-quality conferences between groups of people, a room-based solution will provide an immersive experience for your meeting rooms – while still providing a tangible ROI when compared to travel costs.

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