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Nomis Connections produces a guide to how UK estate agents can minimise lost calls and improve efficiency through telecoms.

UK estate agents rely heavily on their telecoms in order to function – making and receiving hundreds of calls a day on average.

This reliance, coupled with the strong and increasing demand for housing in the UK, means that estate agents cannot afford to be inefficient, or have a phone system that is not up to the task of handling the level of calls they receive.

An inefficient system leads to lost calls, and lost calls lead to lost sales. Based on their location in the UK, losing calls could cost estate agents as much as £3,200 a time in potential revenue. For this reason, minimising lost calls and improving efficiency is something management teams should strive for.

Nowadays, telecoms technology has reached a stage that allows estate agents to monitor, record and improve their performance – ensuring lost calls are kept to a minimum.

As a result, Nomis Connections have produced a guide that illustrates the 4 main ways estate agents in the UK can minimise lost calls and increase efficiency using telecoms.

These 4 points can be implemented in a reasonably short time, and can often provide a return on investment that could pay for the solution itself in under a year.

You’ll find the guide available to download below…

Guide: 4 ways UK Estate Agents Can Minimise Lost Calls and Increase Efficiency