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1st July 2014 sees new maximum pricing on mobile roaming rates across the EU come into force, substantially reducing rates.

Since 2007 the EU has been tackling the cost of mobile roaming across Europe, with the intent to curb excessive costs that mobile users often experience when calling, texting or browsing the internet abroad.

As of the 1st July 2014 the rate, which has been steadily falling over recent years, is mandated to fall again. The maximum cost to mobile users using their phones abroad is now:

  • €0.19 per minute to make calls
  • €0.05 per minute to receive calls
  • €0.06 to send a text message
  • €0.20 per MB to download data/browse the internet

It’s important to note that these caps only apply when roaming in the EU.

The impact on bill shock

These new rules will help lessen the impact of bill shock, a scenario Nomis Connections strives to help businesses minimise, to both businesses and consumers alike. Mobile users will be less likely to collect large bills due to high roaming usage.

What does this mean for Nomis Mobile customers?

If you’re a Nomis Mobile customer, these changes will affect you too. From 1st July the maximum you’ll ever be charged for standard roaming abroad is indicated by the prices above.

Though your charges will be capped through this scheme, we do urge you to inform Nomis Connections when you are going abroad. This way, we can add appropriate bolt-ons to ensure your roaming costs are kept to a minimum.

Not using Nomis Mobile? If you aren’t with Nomis Connections for your mobiles at the moment, we urge you to act in a similar way and alert your provider before you go abroad.

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