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The government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport has announced rapid increases to the provision of superfast rural broadband – targeting 10,000 new connections a week.

Starting at 10,000 a week, the announcement states that the number of new rural connections is set to continue growing over the coming months and years. Connections are targeted to grow to 25,000 a week by spring 2014 and reach up to 40,000 a week by summer 2014.

At this moment in time superfast broadband is available to approximately 100,000 additional premises as a result of work already completed in what is the 5th largest infrastructure project in government.

This announcement sets out clear expectations and targets for supplying superfast broadband to rural areas - making sure that both businesses and individuals in these areas aren't left behind while the rest of the UK advances.

Matthew Cox – Marketing Manager, Nomis Connections

Staying on track with superfast broadband

These targets are intended to be in keeping with the overall government target of having a superfast internet connection available to 90% of UK premises (businesses and households alike) by the end of 2015/early 2016.

While connectivity in urban areas has grown rapidly over past years, the government has often been criticised for the slower uptake of the project in rural areas – this statement is clearly designed to show commitment to rural broadband infrastructure and provide a road map for the project to follow.

Read the full announcement.

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